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Our Story

It all came together in an instant. As an expectant mom, I wanted other drivers to know we were on the road with them. As a photographer of pregnant women, I encouraged my subjects to express their true beauty and pride in the moment. And, when in labor, I was hoping beyond all hope that I could get where I needed to be, in time! Sign of Labor decals and car flags are the result.
After my pregnancies, it became even clearer to me that pregnancy should be more publicly celebrated. It is a wondrous experience, a very outgoing, active time!

I truly hope that our Sign of Labor symbol becomes a rallying point, a way for people to celebrate and share in their pregnancy experience online and in-person!

Just to be absolutely clear, Sign of Labor Expecting™ decals and Sign of Labor In Labor™ car flags are NOT safety devices, but are meant as whimsical keepsakes which may help raise awareness that pregnant women are traveling on the nation’s highways every day.

Remember, Happiness is living life and life is being lived when you are "allowed" "encouraged" or it is "acceptable" to celebrate all moments in life, especially the time when your body is busy building your little being!
Very Truly Yours,



Ingrid Franz Moriarty
Founder and CEO
Sign Of Labor


We Give Back

5% of all sales of Sign Of Labor Expecting™ decals and Sign of Labor In Labor™ car flags are given to organizations that support the awareness and improvement of pregnancy. Through the month of August, our donation will go to the Midwives Alliance of North America, an organization of midwives and midwifery advocates.


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Here's some of our recent activity:

June 30th, 2010 Launched 4th of July Holiday Traffic Safety Awareness Campaign

May 23rd, 2010 Launched Twitter-based Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Safety Awareness Campaign

May 2nd, 2010 Launched Sign Of Labor Expecting™ Car Decals and Sign Of Labor In Labor™ Car Flags

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